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  • Saving upto 35-40% in weight and 20% in cost when copared to the conventional pipes.
  • Truss spacing can be increased, hence less numbers of trusses columns and foundation work resulting in further economy.
  • The purlins are supplied in required length with pre-punched holes. Hence reduction in constrained time and cost in fabrication & erection and no wastage.
  • Purlin erection is easier than others.
  • Close tolerance on sectional dimensions due to process of cold roll forming.
  • Low transportation cost due to reduced weight High versatility, durability and uniform quality
  • 45 degee Lip for better sectional modules and easy nesting.

We supply the best Quality of Purlins in different thickness and customized sizes of pre-punched condition as per the customer specifications and drawings. Our category of Purlins “C” & “Z” are notable because it designed by professional to ensure that when lapped a contious line can be formed down the length of a building and are extremely cost effective.

Z&C Purlins are with Pre-Punching Steel Grade is 2063 / 345 MPA/ IS 277
FINISH:    Mill Finish / Red Oxide    Primer/Galvanized
THICKNESS:     1.50mm to 3.00mm for Z,      1.50mm to 3.00mm for C
ACCESSORIES:    Cleats, Sag Rods, Brace Rods, Brace Angles, Rake Angles & all other PEB Accessories at customized sizes.