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We supply the best quality of PUF Insulated Roof and Wall Panels with different range of thickness. We offer our client the cost effective prices to meet the requirements accordingly as per the below mentioned specifications. Our PURF Insulated Roofing Sheets is designed to provide hightest level of thermal insulation and performance its has structural integrity and it is also damage resistance.

  • High thermal efficiency ensures low heat transfer means low regrigeraton load
  • Reduces operational cost. Major cost for any cold chanin operation is electricity. Lower the regrigeration load, lower the electricity consumption
  • The sandwiched panel has significant mechanical strength, which makes it possible to go for larger spans as well as large partition walls.
  • Its gives aesthetic appearance, easy housekeeping
  • Panels are joined with CAMLOCK and also additionally joint with tongue and groove configuration
  • Its is easy to erect or dismantle the panels
  • The thermal efficiency of panels doest not deteriorate over a period of time, making it long lasting insulation solution.
  • No ancillary supports r Structures-Translates to savings and cost effectivess.
  • Aesthetically appealing-Customized to yourrequirements
MaterialsPolyurethane foam PUP Insulated Panels
StructureUpper Layer: PPG,/PPGL Steel SheetCore: Polyurethane FoamBottom Layer: BGL/PPGI/PPGLS Steel Sheet
ThicknessUpper Layer: 0.40 -0.60 mm (Steel Sheet)Core:30-200 mmBottom Layer: 040-0.60 mm (Steel Sheet)
Effective width1000mm
LengthUp to 6100mm
Polyurethane foam density35-40 Kg/m3
Conventional ColorsUpper Sheet: Light Blue / Offwhite / GreenBottom Sheet: Silver/Grey
CharacteristicsLight in weight, heat insulation, water resistant, green and enironmental
ApplicationRoofs for factory buildings, storages, exhibition halls, gymnasiums etc
  Early Revenue Earning  Long Life  Maintenance Free
  Less Load on Regrigeration Unit  Aesthetic Look  Easy Housekeeping