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It is Self supported Arch Roofing System without trusses, purins or ancillary support, with unobstructed clear spans 9 metres to 35 metres. Omega Roof is an architectural marvel and comes with our promise for quality on time installation and delivery. This innovative technology facilitates on site panel forming and installation, giving incredible installation speed of around 1000Sq.Mtrs/Day. Flexibility and enhanced efficiency with superior workmanship ensures faster project turn around..

  • A free standing span of up to 35m.
  • Large enclose volume-Large occuped space and lesser heat
  • No trusses and Pulin – No Bird nuisance, Reduced dust accumulation
  • No Nuts or Bolts-100% Leak Proof and longevity.
  • Unique Roofing Panel Profile – Lesser radiation of heat inside the space
  • Hight structural strength-Proven to withstand extreme clalamities
  • Fastest Roofing System as on date-Early Occupation of building translates to savings
  • No ancillary supports r Structures-Translates to savings and cost effectivess.
  • Aesthetically appealing-Customized to yourrequirements